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storyI’ve been questioning that I need to supply a little bit of a proof of my records as a writer for the ones of you who don’t recognize. I assume it’d give you a few contexts for some of the posts I’ve made.

My teaching background which influences to be a freelance writer

Teaching Interest

As you already know, know-how is far extra treasured while sharing. Consequently teaching is mainly crucial as it imparts information to others. I will still truly remember the fact that I started enjoying “coaching” at a young age. After I had learned something new, I was continually itching to proportion my new discovery with my little partners. While developing up as an excessive school scholar, an undergraduate, a graduate, or even a submit-doc, I had always well known the one’s college teachers and college professors who excelled at conveying their understanding to me. My teaching reviews in college as a personal trainer and in graduate faculty as a helping teacher that not simplest helped me to enhance my teaching capabilities however also endorsed me to pursue an existence-lengthy career in coaching and studies. Now that I am geared up with the information of expert accounting as well as studies enjoy at the frontier of enterprise schooling, I am keen for a teaching opportunity to percentage what I’ve found out and to inspire the ones young and fresh minds so regularly observed in academia.

Teaching Experience

Lecturer (1998-2003) in Business & Accounting in the graduate faculty.

This changed into my first time teaching college students, going to a brand new culture and the usage of an overseas language. I used to be very excited but on the equal time a little nervous. Fortuitously, most of the students took to my teaching techniques very fast as I was trying my first-rate to increase their horizons primarily based on my know-how in my very own research subject. As an example, when I used to be teaching them basic accounting, I instructed them to use my new method for teaching – “Simultaneous approach” or “game-format” for that course. This precipitated the students’ curiosity to peak because that they had in no way anticipated that advanced nanotechnology may be associated with a fundamental accounting path. The scholars’ big hobby in my training simply helped to inspire me. With thorough guidance for every consultation and regular contemplating how to improve my teaching techniques, I have become very skilled at educating and the scholars made my experience as even though I used to be one of the maximum preferred experienced instructors in the branch.

Senior Teacher & Head of the Department (2004-2017) for O & A level Business and Accounting direction at the University of Cambridge.

As a greater experienced teacher, I found out that my reaction must go past simply sharing expertise. There are different important duties including supporting students from the conduct of crucial thinking and developing the potential to find out new matters with the aid of themselves.

Academic Writing History
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This all commenced in earnest when I was 30, about fifteen years in the past, returned in 2002. That was the year after I decided for certain that I wanted to write some eBooks for educational college students (O & A level – Accounting, business studies, Commerce, and Economics).

My first goal changed into to learn to write on a professional stage. I had heard that someone’s first few books are normally quite awful, and so I decided to simply spend a few years writing and training. I desired time to paintings on my prose while not having to worry about publishing.

Between2002 and 2004 I wrote six eBooks, none of them excellent. However being true wasn’t the point. I experimented lots, writing a selection of genres.  As you could probably wager by way of me writing 5 eBooks in years, none had been very well edited and whilst I had quite a few ordinary writing them, they have executed right away and had plenty less making plans than my later eBooks. Not many people study any of those eBooks, and I simplest ever dispatched one out to my all O & A level college students.

Around 2005, I started attending to write within the nearby business magazine (Business Global), I also attended an important professional writing route at British Council, I ended up as a part of a business writer, I used to be extreme approximately what I used to be doing. All through this time, I based writing groups who had been my proofreaders.

I was getting to one of the most innovative factors in my existence, and was very energized and excited about the writing I’d discovered to do. After practicing for 6 eBooks, I felt that I was subsequently in a position to do justice to a business instructional writer. In 2008, I commenced an e-book I referred to as “business studies manual for A-level” which finally simply became a success.

As I stated, this turned into the golden technology of my profession—although I suppose the ‘unpublished’ part of that statement is vital. I am hoping that I’ll develop and progress, and assume that the eBooks I’m writing now are better than the ones I wrote then—simply as I’m hoping that the eBooks I’ll do in ten years might be better than those I do now.

Besides, I wrote these eBooks from 2002. But, these had been progressively enhancing so as to fulfill the cutting-edge students’ requirement and updating curriculum for the worldwide O & A-level syllabus. Still, those are the popular eBook for the students in A & O level and even upper-level academic era. The detail functions those books are given in my personal websites and blog posts and additionally offered cut-price rate in lots of books- promoting marketplaces like trade bid, Nook Press, Paihia, Blurb and so forth.

My posted eBooks are:


My Freelance Writing Career

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I enjoy writing enterprise articles, but I’d constantly choose the option to put in writing a normal column. I thrive on the area required to supply paintings on an ordinary, tight deadline. Response from readers is an actual improvement to my self-belief and undeniable sparks of the notion. I’ve thought about copywriting and business writing but they’re hard for me, as a minimum not proper now. So, I’ve determined to begin a diploma direction on expert search engine optimization (SEO) and outsourcing this is my some other milestone for a contract writing profession.

How did I decide to become a freelance writer?

After receiving my degree in professional SEO, I commenced exploring the area of freelance writing. So I parlayed my revel in writing a decorating column right into recognition for consistency, dependability, and professionalism and my e-books fulfillment elevated. Whilst my first personal essay becomes published online, the reaction from readers propelled me to define my authentic voice and enhance my penchant for a greater non-public and conversational writing fashion. I found my genuine voice and my domestic. My column, blogs, and articles on content websites have a devoted and growing readership and that I remain captivated with the topics I write about.

Why did I like about being a freelance writer?

My notion is knowing that what I write reaches folks who need assistance, encouragement, and inspiration to defy the pull of conformity and continue to be authentic to themselves, define their goals and set goals to help them pursue their passions with all their would possibly. Their emails affirm that I’m in which I am speculated to be and doing what I am supposed to do. And, it’s far always a pleasure to reply, even to those who say only, “Thank you.” there’s a deep sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, and feeling of honoring my passion on every occasion I hit the send button to submit a piece of writing for my column, a question, an assigned piece to a customer, or posts to my blogs. Even with the times whilst my mind is in a fog and I experience misplaced inside the global of words, I never lose sight of the big picture – I’m living my dream.

What are the biggest challenges I face as a freelance writer?

There are three essential challenges:

(1) Staying targeted at the work handy – incoming e-mails and the lure to surf is an each day distraction. I’m higher at it now due to the fact once I clear my inbox within the morning, I disconnect from the net until I’ve finished the responsibilities I targeted for the term.

(2) Bidding and competition – inside the marketplaces, a huge wide variety of competition participate in bidding sports for the fewer jobs. The competition amongst the freelance writing community is can be excessive because there are hundreds of other writers seeking out work. Consequently, being distinct can take more paintings (i.e. growing a tremendous portfolio). So locating freelance writing jobs is probably my dream process.

(3) Handling my time – I idea I used to be the epitome of time control till I started writing complete time. It remains an ongoing conflict. Lists, planners, alarms, threats, and promises, I take advantage of all of them. While one method is overused to the factor of being useless, I switch to every other. I’m usually in search of devices and systems to help me manipulate my time higher and smarter.


My recommendation you wish you will have known while you first started opt-out as a freelance writer

Writing practice should be along with your herbal tendencies. Admire other writers, but be the writer most effective you can be. If handiest I knew this, inside the beginning, the early years of my writing profession might have been less disturbing. Perhaps it was there inside the avalanche of books and articles I read, but my posted books and burning ardor need to have blinded me to it. For years I struggled and agonized to make myself write and paintings a certain way. Fortuitously, I’ve discovered to sing to the music of my very own coronary heart and dance to the beat of my own drum. My advice to aspiring writers is to no longer position so much strain on you to be a particular manner. Being your authentic self will usually lead you to your route and your passion.

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