Why Uses Simultaneous/Game-Format for Accounting Study?


Simultaneous Method or “Game-Format” is a new accounting study method basically designed from “concurrent engineering” concept. It is set up with a clear format so as to do each stage of accounting sums at the same time rather than doing it one after another. Thus the method is highly recommended for financial as well as cost accounting in O/A level, and all upper level such as BBA or even MBA students.

Simultaneous engineering or concurrent engineering is a faster process that used for product development approach instead of a sequential or traditional production process. The production process is designed on the basis of higher productivity in which all workforces can carry out each step of the task at the same time, not doing it separately. As a result, the task is usually done more efficiently and saving cost. As same as new game-format or simultaneous method of accounting study can obviously be more time saving and easiest format for all students.


Traditional/Sequential Method versus Game-Format/ Simultaneous Method 


In traditional way the relatively long time is needed to do the sums of accounting, on the other hand, less time is required to solve it by using the game – format. It is very difficult to complete each stage of the whole accounting sum at a time traditionally or sequentially whereas the game-format is designed with an easy way to complete all stages of the sum at the same time, not required in the order.

The new technique, game -format for accounting study is set based on the re-checking process to retract any error during the time to solve the necessary sums in accounting. But traditionally the system of the same auto-checking is not possible.

The new simultaneous process of studying in accounting is as easy as the game pattern so that all students can enjoy doing the sums whereas students face more difficulties or boring to do it.


Why needs Game-Format for Accounting Students? 



Faster & Time Saving

A major benefit is to allow the students to solve the sums quickly as several stages of the problem are usually done simultaneously rather than doing it separate way. So it offers the students, even any weak student to save their greatest time of the study. Because they can easily do several sums in financial or cost accounting in a shorter time frame.

Enhance quality education

The study technique is established based on the game pattern set according to the specific accounting format given by the exam authorities, e.g. Edexcel, Cambridge and so on. So it is a very simple study method for all students. As a result, they can easily communicate with this method and understand the lesson quickly.


Remove Boring & Difficulties

The pattern mainly consists of a game concept that encourages the students to enhance their study period. Because pupils can enjoy the lesson due to the application of this game-format. Of course, the process helps the students to remove the difficulties to understand and boring to do the sums in accounting at a greater portion.


Retract errors immediately

The game- format is an established base in the re-checking process during the time of solving the accounting sums. Using the method the students can easily avoid some of the unexpected errors in many answers of the solution.


More Efficient & Productive

The process allows the students to save more time consuming for their study by solving the problem, focusing all stages simultaneously instated of doing solely. It results in saving a greater time for their exam preparation. So it is more beneficial for especially making exam preparation for accounting.